About (ME)

Welcome to my world, I'm Daniela Cardillo-Corr, an Irish based designer (with Italian roots). After spending some years working in the bustling jewelry world of Los Angeles, I’ve recently re-located back to the green pastures of Ireland. Due to the joys of technology, I continue to be involved with my work overseas, an ever present connect with my second home.

I was firstly drawn to the world of jewelry, as it combines some of my deepest values. Nature, sentiment and creativity. Earth’s natural elements combined with some innovation (and a touch of magic) ultimately results in wonders to be cherished, and passed from generation to generation.

I graduated from The National College of Art & Design, Dublin in 2011 with a BA in metal design. Following a stint creating wearable gallery focused art-forms, I returned to study fine jewelry further moving continents to attend the Gemological Institute of America, California.

My expertise lies in all facets of jewelry from 3D design, to production and sourcing. Offering services in many forms, from branding & creative direction, to sustainability and supply chain management. Not one to limit my creative path, I also pursue illustration and product design from time to time. 


Crafts Council of Ireland 'Future Makers Award 2011'
Guild of Jewellery Designers 'UK Gold Membership Award 2011'
Irish Fashion Innovation Awards Nom. 'Jewellery Designer of the Year 2014.'
Craft Council of Ireland Nom. 'Future Maker Award 2012'
World Craft Council European 'Young Talent Award 2012'
EC One London Runner -up 'Unsigned 2012'





'DRAFTSpace - Complete Parts Exhibition 2014', Shin Gallery, New York.      

'RIAN- New Directions in Irish Fashion 2013',  Irish Embassy, London, UK.
'European Prize for Applied Arts 2012', Mons, Belgium.
'One Year On 2012' , New Designers, London, UK.
'New Visuality 2011', According To Mc Gee, York, UK.
'Upcoming British Talent Exhibition',2011 The Future Gallery, London, UK.
'CCOI Future Makers Exhibition' ,2011, Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork Ireland.
'The Emerging Artist Exhibition 2011' Ranelagh Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland.